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Since the project's inception in 1965, Landsat has stood at the forefront of space-based Earth observation and has been the trailblazer for remote sensing as we know it today. But the long history of Landsat has been tumultuous. The program has been variously administrated by a multitude of government agencies and a private company. Over the course of eight Landsat missions the program documentation has become widely disseminated, as a result, many details have been lost and misconceptions about the project's history have arisen through the decades.

In 2004 an effort to accurately document Landsat's evolution began. Since that time, NASA, together with the U.S. Geological Society, has been gathering technical documentation related to the project. With the help of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Library, an archive of essential Landsat documentation has been created. The archive, dubbed the Landsat Legacy Archive, houses technical-, policy- and science-related documents with an emphasis on internal technical papers and a series of Landsat Legacy interviews conducted with Landsat veterans. In 2007 with additional support from the NASA History Office, the Landsat Legacy team began writing a full-length history book with materials from the Landsat Legacy Archive. All documentation and interviews used to write the book will become part of the official NASA History Office archives.


If you have landsat-related documentation in your personal archive that you would like to donate to the Landsat legacy project, please contact Laura Rocchio. Journal articles and other privately copyrighted materials are outside the scope of this archive. 

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